Dalay world's

Dalay world's


Introducing Dalay. Some of its featured products are:

  • Extension cords with rubber
  • Neck extensions for back
  • Body extensions
  • Removable suspenders
  • Strap accessories

In Dalay they are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of corsetry items. For example elastic stretchers for brassieres, elastic suspenders, ribbons, rings and cups...

You will find all the products of Dalay on its website, all corsetry products and accessories with a wide catalog to choose from. In Manresa we find Lecco, a company that last year 2018 acquired Dalay. If you have doubts about the products of Dalay, in the following link you can make inquiries.

After years of consolidating in the lingerie sector, Dalay is an assured bet of success.

Dalay world's


C/ Navarcles, 19

08243 Manresa

Teléfono: +34 938 74 42 55

E-mail: lecco@lecco.es


+34 93 827 24 86
C/ Doctor Antoni Vila, 53 08251 Santpedor (Barcelona)