Control Live® and its robotic electric bed
Control Live

Control Live® and its robotic electric bed

Control Live

Control Live is a company that is marking a milestone in assisting people with reduced mobility and their caregivers.

Its flagship product, V-Chair®, is a smart bed that can be converted into a chair that represents a true revolution in this field.

This innovative smart bed has become a paradigm shift in the way help is provided to people facing mobility limitations and those who care for them. Control Live has set itself clear and ambitious goals with V-Chair®: Improve patients' quality of life: V-Chair® is designed to prevent ulcerations and lung or urinary infections, which are common in people with reduced mobility due to lack of movement. In addition, it offers a more comfortable rest and empowers the patient, granting them a greater degree of autonomy. Improve the quality of life of caregivers: Control Live recognizes the importance of caring for those who care. V-Chair® facilitates patient care and assistance tasks, reducing injuries and physical strain that caregivers often have to endure. Maximize care quality and efficiency: Control Live strives to optimize efficiency, reduce costs and promote excellence in the delivery of services to people with reduced mobility, whether in healthcare settings or in private homes. Control Live, through V-Chair®, is transforming the way the care and attention of people with limited mobility is addressed. His commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life is evident in every aspect of his work. Control Live is a company that is making a difference and improving the lives of those who need it most.

Control Live® and its robotic electric bed


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